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 [SOF2] Clan Rules !!

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PostSubject: [SOF2] Clan Rules !!   [SOF2] Clan Rules !! I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2015 10:17 am

The Most Important Clan Rules :

1. Respect all clan leaders, Higher-Council members and any squad leaders/co-Leaders. Any kind of disrespect will be punished strictly and may even cause you to be kicked from the clan.
2. Respect other clans whatever they are. Keep individual fights on individual level and don't push the whole clan into it . Again, It would be punished strictly.
3. In case you see anyone from any clan disrespecting you or [SOF2] Clan. Please report it to Leaders and don't start abusing him or his clan as an act of revenge.
4. Racism or bad mouthing over any religion is a strict 'no' and may lead you to be kicked from the clan.

Other Rules :

1. Do not complain - Keep a positive attitude while playing together. A key role in clan's success is the family of gamers in which we are creating. Do not complain about uneven teams. We feel that one clan member is equivalent to at least 2 regular players. If you think you want to complain about uneven teams, then please make the initiative and switch teams yourself.

2. Keep insults to a minimum - Bad mouthing team members is a definate NO. One thing we want to avoid is putting down the skills of other Clans or players. Remember this: Everyone has to start somewhere. Insulting would take us nowhere. Disrespecting anything that leads to a community will be dealt very strictly and may even cause you to be kicked from the Clan.

3. Keep hacker remarks down - Be damn sure of a hacker before banning or complaining about them hacking. Remember, there is always a better player out there. And you never know when you might get one of the top 10 players in the world on your server.

Keep clan's reputation Good - Dont be a jackass on the server. This includes complaining about people hacking, getting more kills than you, or doing something that you dont particularly like. Your negative comments about the Clan or the Leaders could cause an action against you since we believe this affects us negatively.

5. Play as a team - Remember: There is no I in team. If you have a 5 / 1 kill ratio and we lose the clan war, what did your high score mean to me? Nothing but that your a selfish player which does not need to be in a clan. Learn to play both offense and defense as they both help improve your overall skill level.

6. Learn your role in the clan - Important: NO ONE has a permanant role in the clan. If you think you are the best flag capper in the clan, then why not train and help other clan members. Two awesome flag cappers is always better than one. You can always learn as a team and help the rest collectively.

7. Clan Leaders should be respected , and any decision made by a Leader or Higher-Council ( Collectively ) should not be questioned, but simply accepted. If you disagree with a decision made by a leader, dont hesitate to discuss in a private meeting with the Leaders. Yet it may not be reversed. The Leaders and the Higher-Council are the most experienced people . They have a long term thinking and they know whats for the betterment though you may not like the decisions. But they have to be simply accepted and not challenged. If you think you know better than them, keep your betterness with you.

8. During scrims, You are not allowed to abuse or use shit words towards your own Clan mates. You are totally not allowed to disrespect their skills even if they are "noob" . Just keep up to your own business. And let War Squad decide about it. If you think a guy's performance is not right, just request him to spec since he might be making his clan "loose" . But all of us try our best to win so you are not allowed to disrespect them on their mistakes if they are playing.

Remember, These rules are a simple guideline to keeping a winning clan. They are not directed to any certain person, but yet the clan as a whole. If there are any discretions or comments, please contact me.

Things Which Should Be Followed In Any Case :

1. Multi-Clanning is not Allowed . i.e Banned if caught.
2. Wearing Tags whenever you play. Exceptions are valid.
3. Be an Excellent Team Player.
4. Check Forums Regularly And Be Active.
5. Hacking = Banned Strictly
6. Play Fair and Dont Whine.

Using This Kind of Things = Banned :

Hash commands = Any thing that starts with this command is a NO!
Glow Walls
Glass Skins
Glass Walls
Proximity bots
Overbright bits
GNA bot
No recoil

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[SOF2] Clan Rules !!
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